Lighthouse History
Lighthouse Finance Group, a NSW based mortgage broker was established by managing director John Mouradian in August 2000 to assist Australian mortgage borrowers source the best possible finance available.

John was for many years a senior banker with wide experience in corporate, business and private banking. He is now able to offer this wealth of experience to the clients of Lighthouse Finance.

The name Lighthouse was decided on because John felt that borrowers were sometimes all at sea when it came to finding the right mortgage. So no matter how rough it gets out there, now you'll find a guiding light to help you get the mortgage result you require.

Lighthouse is a full service facility with highly qualified and experienced consultants. It's their job to determine which lenders are available to prospective borrowers and from whom the best loan in terms of both price and suitability can be obtained.

Lighthouse is a full member of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia, the peak mortgage body in Australia.